Soon the Control Show will open its doors again. The 28th Control - international fair for quality assurance - will take place from May, 6th till 9th, 2014. .
You will find us at the usual place in hall 5, booth no. 5404. We look forward to meet you at our booth to show you new products, to answer your questions or simply to talk shop.

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Novometer for outside Diameter

New - now available for outside Diameters also

The mechanical measuring of inside diameters on elastic work pieces like e.g. plastic tubes, rubber pipes, seals or thin-walled sheet metal parts with a measuring instrument which determines the diameter via two or three measuring points does not give repeatable measuring results. The work piece is deformed by the measuring force.
With the Novometer® contour measuring instrument SCHWENK Längenmesstechnik offers since many years a possibility not to gauge the inside diameter of such work pieces but to measure them in a repeatable manner. The measuring is made by a tape which unwinds itself from a hasp and then lays itself on the inside contour. Thus the average diameter even of extremely non-circular profiles can be determined fast and easy.


CITO 3P - neues Zweipunktinnenmessgerät

Für schnelle und sichere Messungen DIN EN ISO 8015 konform

Der CITO 3P genügt den Anforderungen der DIN EN ISO 8015, wonach eine Zweipunktmessung gefordert ist, sofern durch den Konstrukteur auf der Zeichnung nichts anderes vorgegeben wird. Der CITO 3P ist dabei so einfach zu bedienen wie ein Dreipunkt - Innenmessgerät. ...

New Brochure 2016


New brochure

It is done! After some facelifts over the last years, we have made our brochure clearer so that you can find the product you request and the matching information more efficiently.
Suggestions and improvements from customers as well as from our sales team have been included. ...

SCHWENK Längenmesstechnik

Focus strategically directed to the product, the technical springs and measuring instruments of the company OSKAR SCHWENK go separate ways effective from October 2014.

Within the SCHWENK group, the division measuring instruments continues in the new subsidiary SCHWENK Längenmesstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, the division of technical springs remain in the company OSKAR SCHWENK. ...


05.05. - 08.05.2015

It is the first participation for the SCHWENK Längenmesstechnik at the most important international trade fair for measuring technology and quality assurance.
However it is a continuation of a long tradition and not just “business” - this fair has really become dear to us!
Our exhibition team has proved successful the last years and is gearing up looking forward to seeing new and old friends, many curious visitors and lots of
interesting conversations from the first to the last day of the fair.
Take this opportunity and come to meet us at the CONTROL 2015, hall 5, stand # 5404 where we are available at any time to show you also our latest novelties.


Soon the Control Show will open its doors again. The 28th Control - international fair for quality assurance - will take place from May, 6th till 9th, 2014. ...

11.08.2011 - New Website

In the past few months we have redesigned our website completely. The individual pages are now more up to date, clearly arranged and more user-friendly. Moreover, the springs division as well as the field of special measuring instruments have been considerably extended. ...

29.04.2011 - mytast und centitast

We have presented the revised mytast and centitast

  • Scale division / reading 1 µm resp. 10 µm
  • Measuring range ± 50 µm resp. ± 0,25 mm
  • Accuracies according to DIN 879-1 resp. company standard ...

29.04.2011 Internal Thread Gauge

Just in time for the Control Show, we have presented our new internal thread gauge. Based on our proven internal measuring instruments we have developed new possibilities to measure the pitch diameter of internal threads. ...

18.01.2010 - OD plug gauge with 6 measuring axis

For measuring a gear box, Schwenk designed this plug gauge with 6 measuring axis. 6 internal diameters of a case are determined at the same time ...